... since 1997 on the roads of Europe and Asia ...


As a logistics partner for the transport of goods within Germany as well as in Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe and East Europe,
we measure our success in the satisfaction of our customers and partners in all regions. We are proud of our 98.2% of wide recommendation rate.

With pleasure we stand also to you as a partner aside. You will persuade our achievements. We are glad about your inquiry.

Our adaptable vehicle pool:

Jumbo jet road semi-trailer 95 cbms

Mega trailer to 105 cbms

Follower trains to 120 cbms

Suitcase semitrailer

Level fool's wand semitrailer

Deep chill semitrailer and double floor Deep chill semitrailer

Avia vehicles 2-16 palettes

Road tankers

All vehicles also with ADR

We are specialists for large and heavy load transports in all regions:

Low loader to 60 tons of pay load

Semi low loader and tele-saddle to 36 m extendable

Truck to  4-m width and 3. 5-m height under tarpaulin, to 36 tons of pay load Distance investigation

Application of transport approvals and preparation of the customs clearance to be in Transports company Monitoring of all transports

The code of conduct of LTS is based on the basic values of our action. Beside partnership, spirit of enterprise and creativity we stand to our journeyman responsibility as an company. Our ethical behaviour towards employees, customers, business partners, state and non-state organisation as well as the environment, are a firm component of the value system of LTS. The observance all current laws and regulations is natural for us at local, national and international level. Only so we can protect our commercial success.
Health as well as security have a high value for us, therefore, we check this steadily and have an effect on the permanent improvement.
We aim at the responsible use of natural resources for our services.
Therefore, we pay attention to a sustainable contact with the environment